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History is a beautiful thing, isn't it? It clearly shows the evolution of ideas and thoughts.... of how perceptions of our culture inspire or motivate us. In the case of the notes in the old link, it is more likely a reflection of the times and time has changed things... the original journal is gone.

What is left of Urban Spaghetti is a different project altogether, shifted by life experiences and circumstance. The original ideas were good... strong and powerful in their concept. They worked well for the first 4 issues and even somewhat into the 5th issue. The 5th issue was assembled at time when I was unable to give it the attention it needed. Without the help of a friend, it might still be unfinished.

Never entirely accepted socially, Urban Spaghetti still garnered a 7 page critical assessment several years back. Seven pages! How delightful to incite 7 pages of criticism! Although the person giving a critique was reluctant to offer praise, what a smile this brings to know that 7 pages were devoted to an interactive involvement with the words of Urban Spaghetti! To motivate a person to react this much was a positive motivation to continue the work done at Urban Spaghetti.

Oddly, a reaction to the political atmosphere dictates a new approach.... Perhaps a more direct and straightforward approach. It could be said that Urban Spaghetti has been revived because there is a purpose now that extends beyond simply sharing poetry, writing and art. As with most artists, I will leave that interpretation up to you.

------ Cheryl

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